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Non-Resident Financing/New to Canada/Temporary Residents

3 Separate Programs Explained:

(Please refer to the Program link that suits your situation.)

Non-residents Residents of other countries seeking to purchase a home in Canada. Includes Non-Resident Canadians.

New to Canada Immigrants who have established permanent residency in Canada in the last 5 years

Temporary Residents Temporary Foreign residents entering Canada with a valid work permit; Foreign Workers who are non-permanent residents of Canada; Experience Class Students who are non-permanent residents of Canada.

With access to multiple lenders we will find the best rate and mortgage options for you and will assist you all the way through the process.

There are no fees to you for our services – we are here to help!  (See exceptions below **)

There are no fees for high ratio and conventional mortgages through our main lender stream. This is 99% of our business. (**On very rare exception – some credit-lines.)

Non-Prime / Alternative Lending

**Sometimes because of residency, credit, income or property challenges, we have to access private or alternative lending and that is where there fees would be charged, but you will be advised of this upfront so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to proceed.


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New To Canada September 19, 2017